Email viruses: How spam can ruin people’s lives


virus evolutionSince the evolution of mankind, Viruses have been an impediment to human development. This is what some witty computer programmers copied and translated the properties into computer programs. The intent of any virus is to replicate itself and destroy the host system. The most common way a virus can enter a computer system is through an email.

So what is the difference between a spam and a virus? Basically, a spam is a form of commercial advertising which is deemed economical due to the cost effective medium being used to reach potential buyers. Spammers get recipient addresses from publicly accessible sources and use dictionaries to guess common names of the recipient.

Viruses, on the other hand, are malicious programs used to destroy or corrupt information. These small programs are usually sent attached to spam emails. They are very detrimental to your information since once they are run on your computer they replicate and start damaging your data.


What are the effects of spam?

spamApart from the junk in your inbox, spam emails have indirect and serious effects on email servers. Many spammers use specially designed software to create false email headers and using various server names and domains confuse domain admins, email service providers and finally the victims of the spam email sent.



Hijacking: There are instances where real user accounts have been hijacked and it all begun from spam emails. With millions of spam sent daily, many email users have been affected by falsified messages which claim that they are from the administrators. They claim that the account is closed and the users need to reopen the account. With such messages, users need to ignore the message and delete them.

PhishingPhishing: another common effect of spamming is phishing. These emails appear to be sent from a legitimate source with the main aim of tricking recipients into giving out sensitive information on fraudulent websites.


Complete destruction of data: one of the most common effects of opening a spam email is that it

destruction of data

may be a virus, either in the email itself or the attachment. These emails are always executable having a .exe, .com, .bin, .bat file extension. If it is sent as an attachment, spammers may try and disguise the extensions by having two extensions consecutively. These types of messages must be deleted immediately.

Once you open an executable file, then you do not have control over what happens next as you have wreaked havoc inside your device. But there is no need to worry because there are many antivirus software available in the market. There are also many other options such as VPNs which help mask your data while on a public network. With such resources available, plus email servers spam filters, then you will have minimized the chances of being one of the victims of spamming.

In conclusion, the last defense against an attack is definitely you. You need to be careful about which email you open plus the level of protection you have on your device. Utilize the various resources available such as anti-virus software, VPNs, and email spam filters so as to protect your data.