Why it is crucial to have internet security studies

In the web world, security refers to the precautionary steps taken to safeguard computing resources against hackers. The main goal of internet security is to prevent cyberattackers from gaining access to your personal information. For children, the internet seems to be an extremely useful tool for making friends, entertainment, and new learning. However, the lack of proper internet security studies in schools can place the kids at great risk of facing abuse or getting involved in illegal activities. It can be anything from fraud and bullying to something more serious. While it’s extremely important for kids to understand the common internet security threats, it also pays to teach them ways to protect themselves like using a VPN client whenever they connect to the internet. Using a VPN service can protect them in an all-around manner including in case of:

  • Identity theft: It can be highly tempting for kids to provide more and more information on the internet but personal information like phone number, postal address, any banking information etc can lead to huge consequences. This may include stealing money, committing crimes that the kids could land up into trouble for, and committing crimes that might put them in danger, amongst others.
  • Viruses: This destructive software can run on the pc without the kids’ knowing about them. Viruses can trigger damage by deleting important files, allowing hackers to monitor the pc and even letting them steal personal information.
  • Botnets: This is a network of malicious computers used together that can be controlled remotely. Cyber attackers can have access to those computers and use them for illegal activities like sending spam. All this may be done without the users knowing what is happening.
  • Loss of intellectual property: Intellectual property refers to the ownership of individual’s production or ideas. This may include artwork, movies, music etc that are protected by law. Hackers often try to steal these properties and either sell them or use them in unauthorized manners.

Apart from using a VPN client always, there’re various safety measures that kids should maintain while using the internet such as

  • Making sure they have a proper firewall in place.
  • Updating the operating system regularly.
  • Only using secure websites.
  • Using the latest antivirus software.
  • Using strong passwords.
  • Not opening email attachments coming from unknown people.
  • Maintaining security when downloading the software and sharing files as they may contain spy-ware and easily spread viruses.

In today’s continually changing scenario, cyberattackers are continuously trying to get their hands on whatever personal information they can access. They mainly depend on the users being uneducated, which make the children pretty vulnerable to these people with malicious intent. Yet, by ensuring the children have a good understanding of internet security, most of such attacks and threats can be prevented and data privacy can be maintained.